ChickpeasProduct passport

Chick peas are very similar in shape and size to the hazelnut.

Week time:
Cold: 8 hours
Warm: 2 hours

Cooking time:
Approx. 1 ½ hours
Approx. ¾ hour

Chilled: 1-2 days
Frozen: 3 month

Taste: Chick peas have a nutty taste


Application: Chick peas are used for spreads (Hummus) and for falafel Balls. They can also be roasted and eaten as a snack. They are also delicious in curries, soups and dishes with couscous.

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Chickpeas have been grown for around nine thousand years in all countries around the Mediterranean. They are round, firm, have a golden yellow color and are reminiscent of small hazelnuts. Chick peas are mainly eaten in the Middle East where they form the basis for hummus but also fit well in countless other dishes such as salads, curries, falafel and dishes with couscous. Chick peas have a nutty taste.

Chick peas are difficult to cook gently so add some salt when they are softer to prevent a hard skin. It is also important to let chick peas soak for a long time. Chickpea flour is made from minced and split chickpeas. In India this is used for snacks but also fits well in pancake batter or as a binder in sauces and meatballs. This flour is gluten-free and easy to make by grinding dried chickpeas.

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