Black Eyes BeansProduct passport

Black-eyed beans are medium-sized, cream-colored beans with a black 'eye' in the middle

Week time:
Cold: 8 - 12 hours
Warm: 3 hours

Cooking time:
Approx. 40 - 60 minutes
Approx. 60 minutes

Chilled: 1 - 2 days
Freezer: 3 months

Taste: Black-eyed beans have a sweet, mild, ebony taste. The structure is pretty firm.


Application: Black-eyed beans can be used in salads, casseroles and rice dishes are processed. This bean absorbs flavors very well so that this bean goes well with different types of vegetables.

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Eyebeans are also called cow peas. The small beans are cream-colored and easily recognizable by the 'eye', the black spot on the spot where they are germinated. The bean is originally from Africa and was brought to North and South America and the Caribbean during the slave trade. The eye beans are popular in the south of the United States where this bean is processed in the famous dish Hoppin 'John. These beans are still popular not only in the United States, but also in Africa and the Caribbean. Here the beans are often eaten with rice.

Eyeberries retain their shape during cooking, so they fit well into a salad. They have an earthy, sweet and mild taste, but also absorb flavors of other ingredients. Oogbonen not only fit into salads and rice dishes, but also in stews. Salt should only be added at the end of the cooking process to prevent a hard skin.