Pop cornProduct passport

Save: Keep cool and dry in a closed bag, then the popcorn can be kept for about 1 years. Once the popcorn is potted, it can be kept for about 2 days. Let the popcorn cool well before you pack it.

Taste: neutral, therefore you can season the popcorn in so many ways

Origin: Argentina

Popcorn maker

Put 50 g corn in the popcorn maker and put a drip tray underneath. Turn the machine on and within 2 - 3 minutes the popcorn is ready.

Put 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (preferably sunflower) in a pan and heat the pan to three quarters of the maximum heat.
Add the popcorn and mix it with the oil. Put the lid on the pan. As soon as the popcorn starts to pop, you turn the heat back to half the maximum temperature.
If the popcorn no longer pops, the popcorn is ready.

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